Welcome to Yebba Studios. A creative outlet for many of my passions. Teaching, writing and composing, recording, performances, and music/video production.
My goal is to create value for and with as many people as possible. 



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Man in Shadows- Release Update 

In a little over 2 weeks Peabody Prodigy and I will start releasing a trilogy of 🔥🔥

Get ready for "Man in Shadows" 

Can't thank him enough for asking me to help mix this track. It really spoke to my soul and I found a piece of myself in his lyrical magic.

This artwork speaks volumes and truly is the perfect representation of what it is to be in the shadows. I feel more like it each day. Big thanks to Anthony Roopnarine our Art Ninja. Big ups big breddah 🙏🔥

Look for "Man in Shadows" April 22nd.

Pre-release 4/20

Technophilic House of Creators

Boston Loves Music Review 

Big thanks to Tim Ko of Boston Loves Music for reviewing our song "Closest I've Been To Heaven." 

We truly appreciate the killer write up and all the support you've shown us!! 

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Boston Loves Music Review

Tik Tok video 

This right here is one of my talented friends. She surprised me with a color guard routine video of our new song. 

Thanks Christina Thibeault. 

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Tik Tok Video




Closest I've Been To Heaven- Available Now!! 

Closest I've Been To Heaven is available on all streaming platforms.

downloadable here: 

Closest I've Been To Heaven

Jodie and I want to thank everyone for their support. 

It has been a struggle keeping creative during the pandemic. Luckily, and thankfully we've been able to find new ways to keep the creative spark going. 

You can find Jodie Poye and I on all social media outlets.

Release announcement 

Closest I've Been To Heaven


A release date has been set! Closest I've Been To Heaven (feat. Jodie Poye) will be available on all streaming platforms Dec.3rd. 

Thank you everyone for your votes on the cover art. We couldn't be more happy with the way it came out. Pre-order begins Nov.27