How do you count time?

As a drum coach I’ve learned a lot about time. How to count it,  understand it, feel it, and how to explain it to a student. 

I used to start explaining it by telling the student, “if you can…

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Making A Drummer Ep.3

In this episode we hit the drum kit with our understanding of accents and how to pulsate them on the hi hat.


Making A Drummer Ep.1

1st video in the new series Making A Drummer. Featuring one of our students "Ace"
In this episode we discuss accents and play through a few hand exercises.

Sense of TIme

What is “Sense of Time”? Or rather Time Perception. 

By definition: Time perception is a field of study within psychology and neuroscience that refers to the subjective experience of time which is measured by someone’s own perception of the…

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Blank Sticks

Be back in Februrary we teamed up with Blank Sticks

Yebba Studios will be a sponsored artist for Blank Sticks. Be sure to hit them up for all your hard hitting stick needs. 

Blank Sticks  are the leader…

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